Success Stories

Impact On
State Test Scores

We tracked the state test performance of two similar middle schools in the same district. One school working with Math ANEX, one not.

Public Middle School

Tracking The
Class Of 2023

We tracked the three-year state test performance for the class of 2023, at similar middle schools in the same district. One school working with Math ANEX, and one not. 

Public Middle School

Impact On
Unit-By-Unit Learning

We tracked student learning as we worked with a high school’s Integrated Math 1 courses, on a unit-by-unit basis. Students made significant gains after every unit.

Public High School

Impact On Specific Concepts

A 4th grade class was struggling to reduce specific subtraction errors. We worked with the teacher and tracked student learning in the process. Average scores went from about 55% to 80% in two weeks.

Public Elementary School

District-Wide Impact

This high school district we’ve partnered with has been seeing yearly growth, in a time period when many districts are seeing declining math performance.

Public 9-12 School District

Impact On
District Culture

One of the ways we help districts is by building a culture of analyzing student thinking and doing so in an asset-based way. This is one of the elements of our work that leads to long-lasting change in a district's math progran.

Aly Martinez
Instructional Coordinator, San Diego Unified School District

“It’s been wonderful to see the new conversations that are happening now. A lot of principals are saying things like “my state test scores show me this, my Math ANEX scores tell me this, and through both of these pieces of complementary data, I now have a stronger understanding of where my school is and what’s next.” This is simply not something that was happening before. We didn’t have a body of evidence, we had one single data source, and it was a data source that was flawed."