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Patrick Callahan

Co-Founder, CEO

Patrick is an award-winning research mathematician with a passion for improving education systems. He was Statewide co-director of the California Mathematics Project before founding his own consulting company to help school districts improve their mathematics programs. He was also a senior research scientist at West-Ed, Executive Director of the CalTeach program, and helped design the UTeach program at the University of Texas at Austin. Patrick has been involved with national assessment projects, including the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

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Jeremy Thiesen

Co-Founder, President

Jeremy is a successful innovator, entrepreneur, and trained statistician. He's built multiple tech startups and started and runs a non-profit to help people build affordable, sustainable homes. Jeremy moved a large Australian tutoring company 100% online to keep students learning through COVID. He's extremely passionate about finding ways to help students continue on their mathematical learning journeys, leveraging his expertise in statistics and data analysis to do so. Jeremy continues to find new techniques to better understand students' mathematical thinking.

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Meet Our
Board of Advisors

Angela Torres

Math Specialist,
San Francisco Unified School District

Phil Daro

Lead Writer,
Common Core State Standards

Shelbi Cole

Former Math Specialist,
Smarter Balanced

Meet Our
Professional Learning Team

Jessica Balli

Director of Secondary Professional Learning

Jessica is a former high school mathematics teacher who is passionate about supporting teachers in their instructional practice. She is on a mission to make assessment data more actionable so that teachers feel empowered to make a difference and students see themselves as mathematicians. Jessica has taken on a variety of roles over the past several years as a leader in transitioning to the Common Core at the school, district, and national levels. She has worked closely with teachers and mathematics education experts in order to create meaningful and authentic classroom experiences for students and teachers.

Solana Ray

Director of Elementary Professional Learning

Solana Ray is a former K-6 teacher who stepped out of the classroom to focus on supporting elementary teachers around exploring and celebrating student thinking in the math class, providing students opportunities to problem solve and communicate their creative and diverse mathematical understandings, and helping everyone fall back in love with math. She is excited about helping teachers make sense of the innovative, actionable data generated by Math ANEX assessments, highlighting student assets, and supporting the design of re-engagement activities that will truly move student thinking forward

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